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I was gave a home work by Zach.

I did that last night.

I heard Elmo's song with youtube, then I wrote and translate them.

That melody remained my brain so I have sung all day long.....

I watched Pocoyo and Teletabies and Lazy town too.

Teletabies's butt were so sweet :) :)

Lazy town's pink girl was soooo cute  :) :)

But Pocoyo and Lazy town were Spanish...? I think.

My computer was so hot and so noisy and too slow, so I did start up and check computer virus ,,or something today.

So she became quiet, and fast. So comfortable.

la la la  la la la la ~~~~~♪♪

I want to see Elmo.

Lolita, Pirates, Lesson

 I went to the shopping for lolita clothes. But I got some Gothic clothes. These are so cool. I love these too.

Then I went to the Pirates of the dotonbori show with my friend and my parents on last Sunday.

At that time I bought them T-shirt and I introduced almost member to my mom.

My mom was glad :)

My parents could understand only Japanese part and gesture, but I could understand almost. So it was so fun for me.


Yesterday, I went to lesson playing the piano for four years old(An) and seven years old(Aya) sisters.

Their mom had gotton angry furiousry to little sister. And little sister had cry.

Child raising is too hard. More over she has two years old baby too so some times they makes her annoy.(Of course, almost happy, I think)

So it can't be helped.

She had cried. But when lesson started, she got power again.

I felt happy :) :)

Then when I finished lesson, I talked her mom.

I had girls talk with her.(about make up, beauty, healthy food, or something)

She became not mom , just a girl, then she laughed frequentry.

I was happy too :)

Everyone could feel happy :)  It was great :)

At first.

I made account once.  But I forgot my pass word so I made new journal today. From now, I'll make some lunch.



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